And now… The Forum

So another break has been had.

This time, though, I have been working on a new project and it is now up and running…

The Diplomacy Hub

The Diplomacy Hub is somewhere to chat about Diplomacy.

I know there are other sites out there that do this. The two biggest Dip sites have their own forums and both are great. There are Diplomacy chats on Reddit and Board Game Geek. A couple of the apps have community chat groups.

But these tend to be linked to one form of play or another. I know this blog is the same – mostly aimed at the online game – but I wanted somewhere that anyone excited by Diplomacy could go to chat that was independent of other sites.

Here’s a quick breakdown of The Diplomacy Hub. It has four main boards: Management, Members, Games and Miscellaneous.

Management Board

This has three main sections:

  • About The Diplomacy Hub explains how the Forum is organised… which is what I’m doing here but it’s much more informative there, honest.
  • Site Rules is about the site’s rules… couldn’t see that one coming, could you?
  • Suggestions is where members can suggest improvements, changes, etc.

Members Board

  • Introductions is where members can say a little about themselves.
  • Diplomacy News is where you can find news about Dip events, activities, etc.
  • Strategy is a forum for discussing Diplomacy strategy and tactics.
  • Lore is pretty much for discussing anything else Diplomacy – rules discussions, scoring systems, interesting stuff etc.


  • About the GAMES section gives guidance for running games, tournaments, etc.
  • Where to Play is where you can big-up the places you play Diplomacy.
  • Play a Game is where any games run for Forum members will be organised.
  • Forum Tournaments is where any tournaments for the Forum might be run.


  • Just for Fun is a section that is about fun chat.
  • Debates is for those more serious issues.
  • Other Games is where members can chat about (and play, perhaps) games that aren’t Diplomacy.

I will be promoting The Diplomacy Hub elsewhere but for now you are the first people to read about it.

A forum is only as good as the people on it, so if you’re interested in Diplomacy give it a look, why not?

Published by Mal Arky

I'm a Diplomacy nut... if you haven't guessed. I write about the game Diplomacy, mainly as played online on websites, such as Playdiplomacy, webDiplomacy and Backstabbr. I write books on Diplomacy, too. First one to be published soon!

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