Notes on a Napkin #1

It took longer than it should, due to being ill, but the first issue of NOTES ON A NAPKIN has now been published.

Issue #2 will be published in May 2022. This is a four month turn around, which is longer than I’m aiming for as I’m looking to publish quarterly, but this is due to the delay.

Issue #1 was published, eventually, on 7 Jan, a month later than I was aiming for. Not a great start, I know. What this meant was that it was published within a few days of Diplomacy World, the long-running Dipzine.

It really doesn’t make sense for two Dipzines to be published in the same month. I tried to avoid that by aiming to publish in December.

So, after issue #2 is published in May, I’m moving back to quarterly (issue #3 will be published in August).

If you want to contribute to issue #2, go here.

So have a read and let me know what you think!

Published by Mal Arky

I'm a Diplomacy nut... if you haven't guessed. I write about the game Diplomacy, mainly as played online on websites, such as Playdiplomacy, webDiplomacy and Backstabbr. I write books on Diplomacy, too. First one to be published soon!

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