The Alliance List

I’ve had previous posts about the alliances in Diplomacy but I haven’t really looked at them in any great detail. To some extent, that’s because they depend very much on how players play them.

The idea for this extended series (very extended – it’s a bungee cord of a series!) is that I’ll look at every alliance that’s out there: 2-way alliances, 3-way alliances, and more (well, OK, one more).

This post will simply feature a list of posts. You’ll have to click on each link to find out what I think about the alliance.

I should say that, when I’ve named each alliance, which I probably have for each one, I’ve often used my own name. Not always, though; I’ve used names widely used in the Hobby where I know them. (I’m also going to state at this point that I know there’s an alliance out there called the Behemoth and I’m trying to find which one it is!)

2-way Alliances

England’s alliances

France’s alliances

Italy’s alliances

Germany’s alliances

Austria-Hungary’s alliances

Turkey’s alliances

Russia’s alliances

3-way alliances








Grand Alliance

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