Diplomaticon Projects

I may have written blog posts about these projects but here are a list of those I am working on. Listed links lead to blog posts.

Online Diplomacy Championship

This is a biennial tournament hosted alternately between webDiplomacy and Playdiplomacy. It’s currently running on Playdiplomacy.

Online Diplomacy Leagues

A new project for 2023, this involves running leagues on the three big websites – Playdiplomacy, webDiplomacy and Backstabbr. Each site will have 3 leagues – Press (full communication), Gunboat (no communication) and Speedboat (Gunboat with 5 mins deadlines). It’s being run primarily through the ODL server on Discord but will also be organised through those sites.

Dipomacy Hobby News

DHN is where you should be able to go for anything relating to Diplomacy. Again, it’s run through a Discord server. Not much there for now mainly because I’m just setting it up.


A Reddit site that does something similar to DHN above but relating only to tournaments – of any kind. Find it here.

Playdiplomacy Masters Invitational

This is a short tournament for the top players (according to the ratings) on Playdiplomacy. Just in the early stages at the moment but you can see it here.


I am also looking to work towards a tournament and a league for PBEM play. The tournament will be the PBEM Diplomacy World Championship; the league will be the E-Diplomacy League. Again organised through my ODL Discord server (despite the PBEM DWC being a tournament not a league!).

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