I now have a forum aimed at putting together players from different arms of the Diplomacy Hobby together:

The King of Games Forum

This forum has the following sections – forums and sub-forums if you like:

General Discussions

A Games section

Miscellaneous – because not everything has to be about Diplomacy!

  • Just for Fun – for some light-hearted Dip relief
  • Debates – for those more serious discussions (all Dip players have opinions and aren’t afraid to share them!)
  • Other Games – for those of you who play games that aren’t Diplomacy (there are some of you), and a section where you might want to play a non-Dip game.

At the moment, the Forum has me (Malarky) and another account on it – so weirdo called testacct, if you can believe it! – so why not come along and join.

Let’s get the Dip conversation going!

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