If I have linked to a book below, it is probably accessible on Kindle or Leanpub.

The Game of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp

This was written many years ago when Diplomacy was either face-to-face or postal – play by mail. It is still considered the ‘bible’ of Diplomacy, although I’m not sure if it’s quite as accurate as it was… or if it was ever quite as good as it was made out to be.

There’s no doubt that Sharp knew his stuff, it’s just that it was based very much on his experiences of playing Dip and that isn’t always as objective as it might be!

The Art of Correspondence in the Game of Diplomacy by Connor Kostick

The link will take you to the Amazon page for Kindle.

Connor is a genuine author and historian, so you know that it’s going to be well-written. He’s also won ManorCon, a Dip convention in the UK, and was part of the Diplomacy World Cup winning Irish team. Got to be good, right?

How to Win at Diplomacy by Erik van Mechelen

This book is about playing in different formats. I’ve read it and found it to jump around a lot… not a massively logical organisation to it. Still, it’s a good read in places.

It’s available on Kindle (which is where the link takes you) and Leanpub.

Conversations with Barbosa by Erik van Mechelen

I haven’t read this one, but it sounds to me like it’s modelled on Sun Tzu’s writings or Machiavelli’s, in that it features a fictional conversation between Barbosa, a supposed Diplomacy master, and an aspirant. At least, I hope it does: that’s an interesting take on things!

Again the link is to Amazon but it’s also available on Leanpub.

50 Tips for Playing Better Diplomacy by Arky Mal (me!)

A book discussing how to play Diplomacy better online, especially useful for newbies, pretty useful for intermediate players, and food for thought for veterans (I hope).

Available on Leanpub.

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