Diplomaticon Publishing

I’m trying to do my bit to encourage people to play Diplomacy and learn about this great game. As part of this, I have created my own amateur publishing gig – Diplomaticon Publishing. Here are my projects – other than this blog, of course!

This is an independent forum – independent in that it isn’t linked to a specific Dip site. The idea is that it brings together Duppyists from any form of Diplomacy – Face-to-Face, Virtual FTF, online, Webplay, etc… Give it a look – not much there for now but join in, why don’t you?

A Diplomacy zine in formation. It will be an article-driven publication with, possibly, some games. If you’re interested in Diplomacy, and have something to say about anything remotely linked to Diplomacy, let me know – I’m always looking for contributors!

My first completed book about the Diplomacy game. Although it’s aimed principally at playing the game online, there should be something in there for everyone. Pay what you want with the minimum price being $4.99.

50 Problems to Solve in Diplomacy”

A book I’m currently working on about what problems the seven powers face in a game of Diplomacy.

Across the Whole Board

My opus dei – if I ever finish it. A book I’m working on – on and off – about everything to do with playing Diplomacy online.

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