YouTube Diplomacy Sites

One of the themes of The Diplomaticon is a review of different YouTube Diplomacy sites. What I decided to do on this page is list each site I’ve looked at, and my posts relating to these. So, here we go!

The buttons below will take you to the pages I’ve set up for sites with more Dip content… unless they are filled with white text, in which case they are links to the YouTube channel (because I haven’t set up a page for the sites, yet).

The text below will link to any posts I write about Dip content from other YouTube sites. If there aren’t links, then the post hasn’t been written!

Harsh Rules – Let’s Learn to Play Diplomacy

Diplomacy, Running the Game #40, Politics #3

Learn to Play: Diplomacy

Diplomacy Rules Video

Board Game Review’s – Dicey Reviews – Diplomacy

Every Game is Awesome 32: Diplomacy

Diplomacy Review – with John Steadman

Intro to the Diplomacy Board Game

Two Guys in a Game Shop: Diplomacy

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