It’s been quite a while

And I’ve missed it, honestly. I like writing this blog, putting my woeful thoughts down on… well, whatever this is… sharing the good stuff that’s out there about Diplomacy.

However, I think I have an excuse: organising the Online Diplomacy Championship has been taking up a lot of time. And, just when I thought we were there, having set up the first round of games, I realised the hardest thing would be to get those games started!

It’s difficult enough to get a tournament going anyway, I guess. The ODC, though, involves people from all over and getting non-Playdip literate (to quote one of the entrants) used to following the organisation, reading PMs, joining games on time, confirming… If I had hair to pull out, I would have done it. Let’s just say my nasal hair is tidier than it has been for a while.

Still, ODC IV is up and running, sort of, and I hope, when this weekend is over, I can sit back a little, although I am going to be organising a couple more tournaments this year.

One is on Playdiplomacy only – the Playdiplomacy Gunboat Cup. 7 Elimination rounds, then a 2-game final. That’s going to start in May sometime. If you can join Playdiplomacy and get a Premium membership you can enter.

The other is a little more…. ambitious. The Online Diplomacy League will be run from September 2022 to May/June 2023 (ish). This will feature three separate Conferences – one on Playdip, one on webDip, and one on Backstabbr. The top players from these Conferences will then progress to the ODL Championship, featuring games on each platform.

Whether this final project comes off or not we’ll have to wait to see. Whether I have enough enthusiasm at that point is questionable.

So it’s going to be a busy year. Exciting I hope.

Oh, and I’m trying to get into some VDL games, too, although I’m failing at that side of things. But more about that later.

Published by Mal Arky

I'm a Diplomacy nut... if you haven't guessed. I write about the game Diplomacy, mainly as played online on websites, such as Playdiplomacy, webDiplomacy and Backstabbr. I write books on Diplomacy, too. First one to be published soon!

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