The Online Diplomacy Leagues

I know, I know – there are a LOT of tourneys out there right now! So, do we really need a new Dip League? Well, the ONLINE DIPLOMACY LEAGUES franchise is just that – not just one league but – eventually – nine! Oh, and it will feature, even more eventually, three tournaments! So, whatContinue reading “The Online Diplomacy Leagues”

The Grantland Discussions: A Game of Novices

If a hobby such as the Diplomacy Hobby is to survive, then it needs fresh blood. Regularly. It’s like a vampire, except – hopefully – without the killing. Killing new players isn’t going to help things. In his article “The Board Game of the Alpha Nerds” David Hill spoke to a number of Dippyists atContinue reading “The Grantland Discussions: A Game of Novices”

It’s been quite a while

And I’ve missed it, honestly. I like writing this blog, putting my woeful thoughts down on… well, whatever this is… sharing the good stuff that’s out there about Diplomacy. However, I think I have an excuse: organising the Online Diplomacy Championship has been taking up a lot of time. And, just when I thought weContinue reading “It’s been quite a while”

Playing Diplomacy is bad for MY health… apparently

It seems to be that, just as I’m getting into the meat of a game, my health fails. The last time it happened I was playing on Backstabbr; this time it was on my favourite site, Playdiplomacy. I’d had a couple of days of uncomfortable pain in my chest. I’d done a Covid test eachContinue reading “Playing Diplomacy is bad for MY health… apparently”

Whatever happened to my Backstabbr game?

Well, everything was going pretty well. I was getting a little paranoid. There was a point where I was convinced Italy was going to switch to working with Russia… or Turkey. But that’s Diplomacy for you. In the last turn I played I messed up and order. I’d ordered my fleet in Greece to BulgariaContinue reading “Whatever happened to my Backstabbr game?”

Backstabbr Game 1 – F01

The image above shows the position at the end of Spring 1901 in my first game on Backstabbr. The biggest thing is that Germany was very obviously clueless. This wasn’t a good thing – it meant that, assuming England and France could get their act together, they were going to be unchallenged in the game.Continue reading “Backstabbr Game 1 – F01”

First Game on Backstabbr

I recently started my first game on Backstabbr. I’ve thought about playing here before but haven’t – frankly, I prefer Playdip or webDip because of the community of the forums on those sites. Oh, well. So I started a game with deadlines I can handle. I think I set them as being 3 days, withContinue reading “First Game on Backstabbr”