Legendary Tactics – How to Win as England

This is a weekend of YouTube Diplomacy reviews, it seems. I dunno… maybe I’m being lazy. Who cares? I have previously looked at a Legendary Tactics video, starting with their ‘Beginner’s Guide’. Today, I’m going to look at a video from their 7 Nations Series. Interestingly, there are 9 videos on this series. This isContinue reading “Legendary Tactics – How to Win as England”

England’s Opening Moves: Introduction

England has few opening move possibilities when compared to most other powers. When we consider the profitable openings, there are even fewer (as you’d expect). Richard Sharp introduced the method of categorising openings for the powers. For England, he did this by first focusing on the moves of the fleets, then the army. These openingsContinue reading “England’s Opening Moves: Introduction”