There are a lot of published works out there.

Below I’ve included some links to the pages in this section.

Dip Zines & Podcasts

Follow the link above to find a list of zines that are published on the net. I’ve also included any podcasts I know of in this section, simply because this is the neatest section to put them in.

Info Websites

On this page you’ll find links to websites with info about Diplomacy. Some of them are the same, introducing or describing the game. Some of them are chat sites, such as BGG, Reddit and Quora. And I’ve also included the Forums of the web’s biggest Diplomacy sites, Playdip and webDip because there is a lot of discussion about Dip on the Forums and, frankly, it’s nearly all linked to Webplay.


Frankly, there aren’t that many books about Diplomacy. I’ve got one all-but ready to go, and some more in various stages. In fact, from what I know, I’ll have doubled the number of Dip books if I complete them all! Still I thought I’d include them.


This page will have links to Diplomacy articles that have been published on the web. Why aren’t these included elsewhere? Because they’re not published on Diplomacy sites but on other sites. They may some interesting reading!

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