Articles & Publications

There are a lot of published works out there. Below I’ve included some links to the pages in this section.

Diplomacy Articles

This page will have links to Diplomacy articles that have been published on the web. Why aren’t these included elsewhere? Because they’re not published on Diplomacy sites but on other sites. They may some interesting reading!

The Game That Ruins Friendships and Shapes Careers by David Klion. Foreign Policy Magazine, 23 Oct 2020.
Playing Diplomacy online transformed the infamously brutal board game from unbearable to brilliant by Johnny Chiodini. Dicebreaker, 22 Apr 2020
The Board Game of the Alpha Nerds by David Hill. Grantland, 18 June 2014.
The Impossibly Nerdy Online Game That’s Fixing the Brains of Media Twitter by Anna Merlan. Vice, 20 Dec 2022.
‘Diplomacy’: Everything To Know About This Latest Obsession In The Gaming World by Preeti Kulkarni. AugustMan, 23 Dec 2022.
Why I loved this game (but will never play it again) by Jed Letwiller. Board Game Geek, 25 May 2011.
World Domination: The Game by Blake Eskin. Washington Post, 14 Nov 2004.

Diplomacy AI Articles

By now, we’ve all heard of Cicero, the AI that can play – sort of – Diplomacy. We’ve had AIs before that have been able to play Gunboat Diplomacy, the variant with no communication between the players. Cicero can actually negotiate. It even won a tournament, albeit a Blitz Diplomacy tournament, where communication and moves have to be made in 5 minutes. How much communication can be swapped in 5 minutes!?! Anyway… There are plenty of other articles out there about Cicero, but here are a few.

Cicero by Yann LcCun. Meta AI.
CICERO: An AI agent that negotiates, persuades, and cooperates with people Meta AI Blog, 22 Nov 2022.
AI Gameplay: Diplomacy and Meta AI’s CICERO by Meta AI.
We’re the Meta AI research team behind CICERO, the first AI agent to achieve human-level performance in the game Diplomacy… by u/MetaAI_Official. r/MachineLearning, 8 Dec 2022.
An AI named Cicero can beat humans in Diplomacy, a complex alliance-building game. Here’s why that’s a big deal by Toby Walsh. The Conversation, 24 Nov 2022.
Meta’s board game-playing AI can pass as a human in game negotiations by Jeremy Hsu. New Scientist, 22 Nov 2022.
Meta AI Can Beat Human Players in Diplomacy Game by Rahman Shaukat. GameRant, 26 Nov 2022.
Meta’s CICERO AI Wins Online Diplomacy Tournament by Anthony Alford. InfoQ, 20 Dec 2022.

Dip Zines & Podcasts

Follow the link above to find a list of zines that are published on the net. I’ve also included any podcasts I know of in this section, simply because this is the neatest section to put them in.


Frankly, there aren’t that many books about Diplomacy. I’ve got one all-but ready to go, and some more in various stages. In fact, from what I know, I’ll have doubled the number of Dip books if I complete them all! Still I thought I’d include them.

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