Diplomacy zines are published by amateurs. You won’t need to pay for them, and you can write for them! Below are the zines I know of that can be accessed digitally. There may be more so, if I’ve missed any, let me know!

The oldest zine active and, yes, still going strong. With the falling away of The Diplomatic Pouch, DW is perhaps the zine. You will need to download copies of the zine to read them.

There’s no easy way to say this, the Pouch is struggling – again. I’m not sure what’s going on except that people just don’t seem to be writing for it any more. You can read copies of the Pouch on the site.

Last Orders! is published on Sway, so this link takes you to the publishing website. Sway’s great… but you can only access one issue at a time; the site let’s you access each issue. Started in January 2020, Last Orders! is still going strong. An old-style zine in which you can still play Dip… PBEM games mostly (although there was the odd PBM game played, I believe).

Eternal Sunshine is published by the editor of Diplomacy World and is his own zine. Lots of non-Dip stuff here (similar to Last Orders!) and also an enjoyable read. Some games – some of the Dip!

A zine launched in January 2023 – so, as I’m writing this – brand new! Published by UK Diplominati Stephen Agar, who was a well-known publisher back in the heyday of the zine. Aims to be an old-style zine. Click on the image on the site to access the issues.

I’m including this here as it’s closer to a zine than anything else. It’s more of a newsletter, and it comes out weekly, subscription only. Interesting with a lot of Dip news. Well worth the brief read it says it is!

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