The Next Conversation

If his mouth’s open, he’s lying. How many of you, the Diplomacy players out there, feel that about some of the people you play against? In Diplomacy, lying is part of the game. It isn’t unique in that respect; look at how many cooperative games there are that involve people lying as part of theContinue reading “The Next Conversation”

Diplomacy Academy – 2. Tempo

Chris Martin’s Diplomacy Academy is a great – if small – resource. I’ve looked at it before and thought, today, while I’m working on a book called “The ABC of Diplomacy” I’d write a post reviewing the second video in the series. I’ve got to be honest, the second video is hard to review withoutContinue reading “Diplomacy Academy – 2. Tempo”

Diplomacy Academy – Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a former World Diplomacy Champion. He won WDC in 1998. The Diplomacy Academy is a YouTube site. It does what it says in the title – explains ways to play Diplomacy. What is impressive about the Academy is that it explains the game in an uncomplicated way. Martin’s first post is titledContinue reading “Diplomacy Academy – Chris Martin”