The Hadrian Alliance

Powers: England/Italy Stage: Mid-game/Endgame Primary Target(s): France, Germany, Russia Also known as… ??? Associated 3-way alliances: The Spaghetti Western, The Guillotine, The Maritime Triple The E/I alliance is not a great Early Game alliance on its own. Both powers have much more interest in their own locality to deal with than in each other. TheContinue reading “The Hadrian Alliance”

Diplomacy Academy – 2. Tempo

Chris Martin’s Diplomacy Academy is a great – if small – resource. I’ve looked at it before and thought, today, while I’m working on a book called “The ABC of Diplomacy” I’d write a post reviewing the second video in the series. I’ve got to be honest, the second video is hard to review withoutContinue reading “Diplomacy Academy – 2. Tempo”

The Peloponnesian Key

So, I’ve thought about the Key Lepanto as an opening strategy. There are a number of variants of this but the main aspect of them all is that Italy travels through Treste to Serbia in 1901. I’ve seen a number of explanations of this on Dip forums and sites, but if you want to knowContinue reading “The Peloponnesian Key”

YouTube Channels: Triumvir412

This is the latest in a series of reviews (and I use that word pretty loosely) of YouTube Dip channels. You can find the list of the channels I’ve looked at here. So, given that I am playing my first game on Backstabbr, and I’ve drawn Austria, I thought I’d look at Triumvir’s advice onContinue reading “YouTube Channels: Triumvir412”