Diplomacy Academy – 2. Tempo

Chris Martin’s Diplomacy Academy is a great – if small – resource. I’ve looked at it before and thought, today, while I’m working on a book called “The ABC of Diplomacy” I’d write a post reviewing the second video in the series. I’ve got to be honest, the second video is hard to review withoutContinue reading “Diplomacy Academy – 2. Tempo”

The Peloponnesian Key

So, I’ve thought about the Key Lepanto as an opening strategy. There are a number of variants of this but the main aspect of them all is that Italy travels through Treste to Serbia in 1901. I’ve seen a number of explanations of this on Dip forums and sites, but if you want to knowContinue reading “The Peloponnesian Key”

YouTube Channels: Triumvir412

This is the latest in a series of reviews (and I use that word pretty loosely) of YouTube Dip channels. You can find the list of the channels I’ve looked at here. So, given that I am playing my first game on Backstabbr, and I’ve drawn Austria, I thought I’d look at Triumvir’s advice onContinue reading “YouTube Channels: Triumvir412”