The Online Diplomacy Championship 2022

Playdiplomacy is hosting the 2022 Online Diplomacy Championship – ODC IV!

You can find the basic tournament information on the Playdiplomacy Forum or the Diplomacy Hub. To enter you’ll need to be registered with Playdip but the tournament is free to play (for those of you who don’t want to go Premium).

The host tournament is the inaugural Playdiplomacy Classic Open. This is a four or five round tournament, featuring four qualifying rounds, and a final Medal Round.

The tournament will be decided in the Medal Round Championship Board. Here, the top seven players from qualifying will fight it out to win the Tuggle Trophy for winning the POC, and be declared ONLINE DIPLOMACY CHAMPION 2022.

Even more excitingly if you’re a fan of the Diplomacy Broadcast Network, the PCO/ODC IV is likely to be a listed tournament for the DBN Invitational tournament (the DBNI) in 2023!


The DBNI is a virtual tournament. To enter you need to be invited and it’s how you get the invite that counts.

There are two qualifications:

  1. You must have played 2 virtual Dip games in the previous year/season. You can do this by entering any vFTF tournament, frankly, as a tournament has at least two games (well, usually). This requirement is to ensure that the DBNI isn’t your first experience of virtual Diplomacy.
  2. You need to have scored enough qualifying points to be in the top 28 of potential entrants. To do this, you need to score points in tournaments across any format – FTF, vFTF or Remote (what the DBNI peeps call “Extended Deadline”) – as long as the tournament is listed. Points scored are weighted by tournament size. Some tournaments are so big that there is an automatic place if you win it!

The POC/ODC IV is waiting to achieve official listing status for DBNI 2023.

If you’re interested, take a look at the DBN semi-final coverage of DBNI 2022’s semi-finals: Rounds 1&2, Rounds 3&4. And the DBNI Final will be covered too!


The Online Diplomacy Championship started in 2015 and is a tournament that runs every two years. In 2015 and 2019 it was hosted by webDiplomacy, and in 2017 by Playdiplomacy. With no ODC in 2021, POC was offered the title in 2022.

I think, originally, it was also going to be offered to other Dip sites, but currently on webDip and Playdip host it.

So, if you’re interested, go sign-up. Even if you don’t usually play on a website, it has to be a good way to get some points towards the DBNI, doesn’t it?

Published by Mal Arky

I'm a Diplomacy nut... if you haven't guessed. I write about the game Diplomacy, mainly as played online on websites, such as Playdiplomacy, webDiplomacy and Backstabbr. I write books on Diplomacy, too. First one to be published soon!

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