The Online Diplomacy Championship 2022

Playdiplomacy is hosting the 2022 Online Diplomacy Championship – ODC IV! You can find the basic tournament information on the Playdiplomacy Forum or the Diplomacy Hub. To enter you’ll need to be registered with Playdip but the tournament is free to play (for those of you who don’t want to go Premium). The host tournamentContinue reading “The Online Diplomacy Championship 2022”

Notes on a Napkin

Yeah, so, I don’t have enough going on. I’ve decided to look to publish a Dipzine. I’ve called it Notes on a Napkin and it will be published at the link with the title. I’ve had a number of offers for articles, and I hope they all come through (because if they don’t I’m goingContinue reading “Notes on a Napkin”

Cheating – Really!?!

If there’s one thing that I – and everyone else who enjoy online Diplomacy – find difficult to understand it’s cheating. The thing with online Diplomacy is that there are no prizes of any sort. There’s nothing to be gained from cheating except – assuming you’re smart enough to cheat and win a game –Continue reading “Cheating – Really!?!”