Basics of Austria: Dodging Bullets in 1901

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review post, and I’ve been meaning to do one of FloridaMan’s YouTube videos for a while now. So here is his take on Austrian opening moves. Austria-Hungary is notoriously difficult to play. I know a lot of people like playing Austria, either because of the challenge orContinue reading “Basics of Austria: Dodging Bullets in 1901”

The Diplomacy Hub

I created THE DIPLOMACY HUB a while ago… and then let it float for a bit! There were reasons, some legitimate, some lazy. But, frankly, I mis-handled this. So it’s time to move it forward a little more. If you want to take part in a forum for the game of Diplomacy, that isn’t associatedContinue reading “The Diplomacy Hub”

Just for the fun of it!

I’m often told that I’m too harsh with my opinions about Diplomacy. I have a set answer for that, which is, frankly, they’re my opinions: you don’t like them? That’s OK. I don’t mind whether you do or don’t. But I thought, as my first post of 2022, that I’d point out why everyone whoContinue reading “Just for the fun of it!”

What is your strategy to solo?

I was browsing Reddit and came across this question (in a slightly different form). I’ve seen similar questions before. After all, it’s very usual for a game of Diplomacy to end in a draw. This isn’t surprising. There are seven players, with seven approximately equal starting positions, all trying to achieve the best they canContinue reading “What is your strategy to solo?”

And now… The Forum

So another break has been had. This time, though, I have been working on a new project and it is now up and running… The Diplomacy Hub The Diplomacy Hub is somewhere to chat about Diplomacy. I know there are other sites out there that do this. The two biggest Dip sites have their ownContinue reading “And now… The Forum”