How close should online Diplomacy be to the Face-to-Face game?

There’s an interesting momentum on Playdiplomacy at the moment for a tournament that takes tournaments back to, as they call it, the “original rules.“ This got me thinking about the question above (I’m sure I don’t need to ask it again!) What are the original rules for tournaments or even online tournaments? Webplay (playing DipContinue reading “How close should online Diplomacy be to the Face-to-Face game?”

Cheating – Really!?!

If there’s one thing that I – and everyone else who enjoy online Diplomacy – find difficult to understand it’s cheating. The thing with online Diplomacy is that there are no prizes of any sort. There’s nothing to be gained from cheating except – assuming you’re smart enough to cheat and win a game –Continue reading “Cheating – Really!?!”