Playing Diplomacy

Want to play Diplomacy online? Here are some sites that are places to play.


The biggest site out there. Great forum. Great community. I tend to play here a lot.


Another huge site. Great forum. Great community. Played a number of games here.


Sister site to webDip. Just the same but featuring a wide variety of variant games.


Well-known site. You can play here, of course, but there’s no forum. Very useful sandbox tool. Looking to start my first game here.


Not a site for Webplay, but a site for PBEM games. Not played here yet. May give it a go sometime (although it looks very quiet here).


Bounced is a site which was created some time ago. It uses human GMs to run games. Not played there – yet – but will give it a go. Doesn’t look very active, though.

Diplomacy by deNes

Don’t know much about this site, I’m afraid. It’s Dutch but presents in English. I’ve signed-up but haven’t, as yet, received the verification email.

The following sites don’t seem to be running:

  • GamesByEmail: I couldn’t create an account (seemed to think I already had one) so I emailed the site… and the email address as ‘not found’.
  • Redscape: This is forum for PBEM games that seems to be withering. It hosts a number of different games but the Diplomacy section of the forum is, well… there hasn’t been any game info for a while.
  • Stabberfeou: I haven’t included a link here because it’s either that the site link has been hijacked or the sit’s gone. It was a French Dip site, but again presented in English if you wanted it to be. I had played a couple of games in the past but it was a bit clunky.
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